Product Uploader

Grey Suit Retail's convenient product uploader conveniently allows you to import your product data in one-click to build an entire catalog of products. We can provide you with a .csv spreadsheet example of how you need to organize your data and information to build a product - we define a product as a single item which contains a unique SKU, product name, an image(s) description, category, industry, dimensions, weight, cost, etc... And once you fill out the spreadsheet, it's ready to be uploaded to build your full product catalog.


We also provide an API and the necessary documentation to set up with our API to get your product catalog on your Website. The API is an outstanding method to keep your data up-to-date in real time. Meaning, as an item goes discontinued or its cost changes, those changes can be reflected on your Website as soon as the API is ran.

For more information about our product data management, contact us for more information.