Through our unique publisher network, it's effortless to update and add your local business listing to industry leading Websites such as Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, Mapquest, Superpages, EZ Local, Yellow Pages and many more! Our Geomarketing reach is proven to provide direct results at the local level to drive business to your store.

In fact, through Geomarketing, your online local presence and listings cannot be ignored! Your online visibility and reach will soar to over 220 million online users; your profile reach will be 53% of all local searches from a computer in North America, and 60% of local searches made using a mobile device in North America. Talk about visibility!

How it Works

Through our listings content management system, you can seamlessly customize and update vital information for each and every one of your locations. Add information such as your address, phone numbers, Website address, employee bios, pictures, products, and so much more!

Then, with patented technology and real-time update architecture, Grey Suit Retail analyzes, identifies, and claims your existing business listings across our unique publisher network, so all of your content is locked, synced, enhanced, and updatable across every digital channel.


Further, because all of the Geomarketing technology is linked directly into your dashboard, anytime a Website banner, sidebar, video, about us content, contact us information, is updated, all 65+ local search sites are update at the same time. In addition, we'll be able to provide hundreds of your products to the Geomarketing Websites.


Finally, Geomarketing is also a proven way to improve SEO for your Website. When you include your Website's URL on 65+ local listing Websites, it's proven the back links will improve SEO for your site and drive traffic to it.

So what are you waiting for? Start driving business to your store today by increasing your local listing reach through Geomarketing.

How Does geomarketing Differ From Pay per Click / SEO?

At its core…
paid search campaigns only capture 30% of the search audience through Google, Yahoo and Bing. GeoMarketing however, captures 70% of the search audience through its 65+ local listing Websites that target far more Websites outside of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

with GeoMarketing, you have the ability to specifically control your message to your audience, something you're not capable of doing through pay-per-click or SEO.

Through Geomarketing…
you can specifically tailor and update at any time their message, such as address, multiple phone numbers, company profile Website URL, hours, brands, services, employee bios, top-100 products, sale page URL, etc...

Pay-per-click approach….
is a "pay now, return now" advertising approach. This is the exact same principle as direct mail, radio ads, etc… where you hope to get immediate return from your advertising dollars through the 2% targeted audience.

However, you can consider GeoMarketing….
more like a billboard - you can carefully craft your message and it's always there, conspicuously displayed when someone is ready to make a purchase.

Finally, GeoMarketing is a solid long term replacement…
for the pay-per-click approach. The local listing sites which will display your information - Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, Yellow Pages - want traffic and they're actively driving traffic to their sites. These local listing sites have proven more authoritative to a consumer who is not responding to a traditional advertisement. Whereas in the pay-per-click approach, a smaller, local may not have the marketing expertise or resources to stand out among the big box stores, the local listing Websites provide the local retailer with the opportunity to become more visible vis-a-vis the big box stores.