First and foremost, when you sign up for a blog, we integrate WordPress right into your dashboard and place the blog page directly in your Website's URL. This allows you to get the biggest bang for your buck SEO wise, because all of the keywords and page indexing lends credit to your Website in the organic search - which is far more powerful and useful than the common practice of linking to an off-site blog.

Each time you write a blog through Grey Suit Retail's integrated blog, it adds a new page to your Website, and this forces Yahoo, Google and Bing to re-index your Website, which is very good! Further, your blog is sure to contain valuable industry specific keywords related to your business that the search engine looks for to rank your Website higher in an organic search.

Additionally, integrating the Grey Suit Retail blog is a proven method to keep your Website fresh, timely and your customers coming back to look for new information, tips and trends. When you write a blog, you become an expert in your field and industry, and this helps create a personable and friendly relationship with your consumer, based on levels of trust and expertise.

Did you know?
Below are some quick facts about blogging, taken from

  1. People who blog get five times more visits than non-bloggers
  2. Blogging can get you 53% more traffic
  3. 80% of new Website visitors may be there to view your blog
  4. Good content and ideas lend to great credibility
  5. Blogging can you get credible backlinks to dramatically improve your SEO