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Category: Geomarketing

Advantages of Digital Marketing and Advertisement

When people think advertising or marketing their brand to a specific audience, a lot of people’s thoughts go to the same place. Newspaper advertisements, television commercials, and billboards are just a few of the conventional approaches that people consider. In a grower digital age, consider shifting YOUR marketing moves to the digital arena. While the… Read More

How to Position Your Brand

So you have a business, you have managed to accomplish a lot, and have witnessed some serious success. However, with the change in the times, you have begun to fall behind some of the other relevant competition. Is it dissatisfactory products? It is poor service? Shift your eyes from these things being the culprit and… Read More

Brick-and-Mortar and Amazon Working Together

Currently, there is a split in the road by which people conduct commerce with one another. One path of the road leads down the path of selling online. The other gravitates towards to the direction of small business, brick-and-mortar selling. One is the traditional means of buying and selling, the other, a new, fresh approach…. Read More

Brick-and-Mortar Competing with Amazon

Everything is shifting towards being online. Entertainment from music to video all comes from online. Communication with friends both near and far is conducted from the confines of the internet. And now, more and more of the shopping we as consumers do for our necessities, from small fun purchases all the way to your large… Read More

Marketing of Business

So, you’ve tested the waters, surveyed the scene, and now you’re knee deep in the water towards your business setting sail. As you sail past the stage of establishing the best way to describe your business, you venture into the territory of considering the next stage of your business plan: the marketing end. At this… Read More

Marketing to the Mobile: Geomarketing and Customer Reviews

Where you are and how you present yourself can have a lot of dictation on the success of a brand. Last week, Grey Suit Retail discussed the importance of m-commerce, mobile e-commerce. Amidst our talk, we dove into reasons to upgrade your mobile responsiveness from how it can be useful no matter where you are… Read More

Appealing to the Major Consumer Types

Grey Suit Retail has said it before and will say it again: No two shoppers are exactly the same. Whether it be the needs of an individual within a market, the market they are in to begin with, or any other factor, everyone is different in their role as a consumer. Even with digital business… Read More

Search Engine Optimization: OPTIMIZED!

Running a small business takes a lot of coordinating, facilitating, and a strategic approach to cover as much ground as possible, gain popularity, and ultimately win over an ever-increasing clientele base. This juggling act, even from this initial bird’s-eye view, already seems daunting enough. Breaking it down further, however, to the mere online approach of… Read More

Scenery Scenarios: A Glimpse at GeoMarketing

Business is hectic, business is crazy! There are so many different things to think about at any given moment concerning customer wants and needs that, oftentimes, the subtleties can just slip right on through the cracks. This is where we see the negative effects begin to compound on our businesses and weigh down potential for… Read More

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