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Optimal Website Architecture

Building your business website doesn’t have to be daunting or overwhelming! It has come to our attention from a recent survey that less than two-thirds, roughly 64 percent, of small businesses have a website for their business. This is surprising to say the least, especially with the other recent data reporting that the regular internet user count has… Read More

Key Performance Indicators of Selling on Amazon

  When top performing athletes are in the thick of the match, whether it be Patrick Mahomes, LeBron James, or Derek Jeter, there is a separate game of analysis going on in each and every one of their heads. It’s not enough to focus on the play at hand, you have to also have your eye and… Read More

Developing and Deploying an Annual Promotional Strategy

When executing on an annual promotional strategy, the approach that many utilize is taking it one step at a time, tackling the promotion of the day or season, and crossing the next bridge when getting to it. This may seem the easiest, in essence only having to focus on the here and now instead of worrying about… Read More

Business Success So Clear, It’s 2020

The first month of the new year and new decade is now at its end. So, with the conclusion of that first major milestone within this fresh new period of time, question for you. How have you performed thus far? Are you achieving all of the business goals you had set out for the time… Read More

Important Digital Marketing Questions to Ask Yourself

Digital marketing is a super effective way to bring attention to your brand. It will be fun, engaging, and, if done optimally, will show awesome returns! However, much like traditional methods of marketing or advertising, digital marketing is in no way, shape, or form a set-it-and-forget-it approach. You need to constantly examine and re-examine how… Read More

The Future of Advertising

In an increasingly mobile world, the landscape of advertising is becoming quite dynamic. With all the smartphone and tablet users out there, advertisements will continue to be more comprehensive to those who are viewing them. Imagine, every time you log on to your mobile device and tap on the internet, your web activity is being… Read More

Get More Facebook Likes with These Easy Tips

You can never have enough Facebook likes, companies small and large alike are constantly trying to find ways to get more likes–increasing the amount of people that see your sites posts in the future. So what are the secrets to getting more likes? Let’s take a look at some simple ways to quickly increase the… Read More


The Cultural Shift of the Century

Everywhere you look someone is staring at a screen. Your boss. Your 15 year old. Probably even your 15 month old. Age is no matter in the age of digitalization. We communicate mostly through phones, computers, or ipads–even more than we communicate by speaking face to face. There has been a huge cultural shift and… Read More

Branding at its Best

The introduction of the internet revolutionized the world, no doubt about that. In today’s world, however,  it’s all about coming up with fresh ideas. Mac brought us the “i” revolution with iphones, ipads, and ihomes. We have “docks,” “windows,” and “tabs.” The “online catalog” isn’t excluded from this revolution. High-end brands use them. Local small… Read More

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