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Get More Facebook Likes with These Easy Tips

You can never have enough Facebook likes, companies small and large alike are constantly trying to find ways to get more likes–increasing the amount of people that see your sites posts in the future. So what are the secrets to getting more likes? Let’s take a look at some simple ways to quickly increase the… Read More

Email vs Social Media : Who wins the Fight for Marketing?

Think social media is the best way to reach your customers? Think again. Although both have value when marketing your business to potential customers, email is the way to go. Why? Although research supports this, there are some common-sense reasons you may not have thought of before. Social media wasn’t created to market. Just because… Read More

Perspectives On Social Media And Loneliness

Provided as a PUBLIC SERVICE to our readers, this is the third in a series of posts written by our youngest team member, Emma Lively. Like most teens, Emma is social media savvy. More posts of this kind to follow. The average human is only capable of intimately knowing about 150 people. The average number… Read More


Six Easy Ways to Grow Your Business

Pay more attention to your online store. If you don’t, it may break your business in the near future. It’s likely that millennials, otherwise known as GenerationY-ers, won’t do business with you if your online store isn’t positioned the optimally online. Follow these six simple steps and start selling more today! Ensure your business can… Read More


FREE Tools To Help You Earn More

Top 10 Free Places to List Your Business Check out this great blog post we came across.  You can find and read more from this author by clicking on the title above. Published February 28th, 2010 | Author: Nico Brook In putting together this list, we looked at a variety of factors, including overall traffic,… Read More


White Label Website Design and Online Marketing Tools

Save your agency time and money when you white label your website and online marketing tools. The concept of white label services is becoming increasingly common and all the more impressive as technology advances and the creative and design elements are integrated into the development and deployment of white label services. The white label online… Read More


What is the best website platform to use for my Clients?

WordPress vs. Grey Suit Retail Although WordPress is a powerful tool to build Websites, it’s not practical for businesses to use the WordPress platform to build multiple Websites for their clients. Why is this? Hosting. Unless a business has their own server, they are dependent on Godaddy, HostMonster, Network Solutions, etc … to host their… Read More


Way’s to Increase Your Store’s Digital Footprint

Grey Suit Retail, our online marketing and web development company, provided this data to FURNITURE|TODAY FURNITURE|TODAY January 30, 2012 A digital footprint is needed to reach today’s consumers. That means more than just a stand-alone Website. It means going to where your consumers are – social media sites. Facebook, the social media king, pegs its… Read More

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