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Dialing in your Domain Name

At Grey Suit Retail, we don’t want to just reach out to the folks who have already started their business and are just looking for ways to improve their online digital strategy. NO! While this is a group of people which we wish to serve, we also want to help the NEW online, small business… Read More

Strategic Brand Imagery

Brand positioning has been the hot topic for Grey Suit Retail as of late, but for good reason! How people perceive your brand should be help tantamount to how people would perceive you as a person as well as the company you keep such as friends and family. For that reason, we continue our discussion,… Read More

How to Position Your Brand

So you have a business, you have managed to accomplish a lot, and have witnessed some serious success. However, with the change in the times, you have begun to fall behind some of the other relevant competition. Is it dissatisfactory products? It is poor service? Shift your eyes from these things being the culprit and… Read More

Digital Marketing Funnel (AIDA(S/R) Method)

Business as of late has not quite been ‘business as usual’. More of the people with whom we conduct business are not in our proximal locale. Globalization has taken the business world by storm and has stretched the bounds to which our brands’ presence reaches. New measures are needed to be taken in order to… Read More

Amazon Projections for the 2018 Year

Amazon has been a heavy hitting seller for sometime now. With each new year of the company’s existence, you see more and more of its presence throughout the selling world, more of its endeavors into new companies and industries, and more advancements in the digital platforms that we know and use daily. As we look… Read More

Brick-and-Mortar and Amazon Working Together

Currently, there is a split in the road by which people conduct commerce with one another. One path of the road leads down the path of selling online. The other gravitates towards to the direction of small business, brick-and-mortar selling. One is the traditional means of buying and selling, the other, a new, fresh approach…. Read More

Brick-and-Mortar Competing with Amazon

Everything is shifting towards being online. Entertainment from music to video all comes from online. Communication with friends both near and far is conducted from the confines of the internet. And now, more and more of the shopping we as consumers do for our necessities, from small fun purchases all the way to your large… Read More

Holiday Shopping Weekend Results

We all wrapped up scarfing down our turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, and more this past Thursday for the holidays. Without even time to digest, we braced ourselves for the the busy shopping weekend ahead. Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it was anticipated that this season would be one for the books, and now… Read More

Cons of Amazon Buying and Selling

Amazon is a household name these days. The company has managed to take itself from a simple online book dealer all the way to being the e-commerce powerhouse it is, synonymous with online selling. There are a lot of great things to be said about the Amazon company, what with their ability to give sellers… Read More

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