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How Social Networking Can Help Your Small Business

by Austin Green Think teens and adults trying to stay in touch with friends are the only ones who can benefit from rapidly growing social media networks? Think again. Small businesses can greatly benefit by using social media to promote their business. In a 2011 statistic, Nielson found that social networks and blogs account for… Read More


Visa Cards Used the Most

Grey Suit Retail provided this data to FURNITURE|TODAY regarding consumers current purchasing preferences for furniture. FURNITURE|TODAY  April 9, 2012 Americans owned 1.3 billion total credit cards in 2011, according to Census Bureau data. That amounts to an average of 4.1 credit cards held per individual. The total number of cards is down 14.4% from a… Read More


Way’s to Increase Your Store’s Digital Footprint

Grey Suit Retail, our online marketing and web development company, provided this data to FURNITURE|TODAY FURNITURE|TODAY January 30, 2012 A digital footprint is needed to reach today’s consumers. That means more than just a stand-alone Website. It means going to where your consumers are – social media sites. Facebook, the social media king, pegs its… Read More


Mobile Shopping

Is your website ready for the mobile consumer? Take a moment and put yourself in Ms. Jones’s shoes. She just got off work and is riding home on the New York City bus for the next 40 minutes. Making the most of her long commute, Ms. Jones hops on her smart phone and surfs the… Read More



Let it be known. Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN and all other search engines are not all-knowing oracles. Sure, they give you great answers when you ask. But they merely know how and where to find the best answers to your particular question. So, if your small business has an answer or a solution to someone’s… Read More

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