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Financial of Business

Let’s talk financials, shall we? Over the past couple of weeks, Grey Suit Retail has discussed how you can look to digital web services as a means of fulfilling the descriptive end and marketing end of your business plan. To any new small business owners or to any established business owners that have not yet… Read More

Marketing of Business

So, you’ve tested the waters, surveyed the scene, and now you’re knee deep in the water towards your business setting sail. As you sail past the stage of establishing the best way to describe your business, you venture into the territory of considering the next stage of your business plan: the marketing end. At this… Read More

Description of Business

To have all of the cool bells and whistles for your online business strategy will do wonders for you…if you have a plan backing them, that is. Any company is capable of striking some serious success when implementing cool digital tools, it just comes down to knowing how to use them most effectively. The best… Read More

Shopping Cart Q&A, featuring Hypothetical Harry

This week, Grey Suit Retail is going to approach the blog from a little bit different of a format. Generally, we’ll propose a topic, delve into the topic, and leave you with the information to do with what you please. However, as we have learned from history and the teachings of the great Phil Collins,… Read More

Digital Web Services, Assemble!

Grey Suit Retail has had a long standing goal in mind for all of its followers in all walks of life. Our primary hope for you all is that you are given the insight and tools necessary to compete within your industry and, in an effort to best equip you, strengthen your digital business strategy… Read More

How to Grow Your Brand with Web Services

Why do we do anything we do? Why do we study, tirelessly, for the hours we do? Why do we practice game strategies or techniques to the endless reaches that we do? What is to be gained by it all? The answer is gain itself. We do all that we do for the sake of… Read More

Consistency of Website Management Processes

Last week, we discussed the juggling act that is operating a business online. You have your social media to stay on top of, your blog to generate new content and modes of visitor traffic, you have your email marketing to strengthen customer relations and engagement. This may be a lot to juggle all, but in… Read More

Consistency and Execution of Online Services

Think about the attention to coordination, timing, positioning that comes with juggling. You are suspending multiple items using only your most basic means, your hands and your eyes. So many different processes are taking place to ensure that the balls or pins are staying in check with one another. The weight of the items, the… Read More

Chain Reaction: New Buyer to Lifelong, Loyal Customer

Over the past couple weeks now, Grey Suit Retail has been discussing some of the initial considerations or functions to have optimized for the sake of hooking new customers as they swim on by. We began with the notion of mobile web responsiveness to ensure that people on the move are able to do it… Read More

Marketing to the Mobile: Geomarketing and Customer Reviews

Where you are and how you present yourself can have a lot of dictation on the success of a brand. Last week, Grey Suit Retail discussed the importance of m-commerce, mobile e-commerce. Amidst our talk, we dove into reasons to upgrade your mobile responsiveness from how it can be useful no matter where you are… Read More

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