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Getting Left Hanging… That is not Right!

Left hanging. Sorry for the two sad introductory words, but there is a point with which to follow it up. I was left hanging at junior prom. I was left hanging in that group project that nobody showed up to. And I was left hanging when I was the only one sold on dressing up… Read More

Email Marketing: The Great Communicator and Informer

With a push towards in globalization, a lot of adjustments have been made in the way we conduct in basic functions all in an attempt to keep up with the quickened pace that this has generated for us all. In order to maintain any personal or business contact, the key necessity is to find modes… Read More

Buyer and Seller Pushing the Shopping Cart Together

At the core of any business is one joint driving force, to make customers happy and make money all at the same time. This is a common goal held by all businesses and can be seen across larger corporate businesses, single brick and mortar stores, or fully-online operations. For all businesses, it is crucial to… Read More

Websites: Importance of Good Visual Design

Looks aren’t everything….One notion that should never cross your mind in the business with regards to merchandising. Ways in which we portray our businesses are highly considered when one is perusing our inventory. Going to great lengths to make sure all mannequins are dressed to the nines in the best outfits, having a clear departmental… Read More

Ten Challenges Keeping Businesses From Maximizing Big Data

Big data includes data sets with sizes beyond the management ability of most developers, business managers, and software technology. The collection, understanding and use of this type of data was not possible, nor imaginable, until just a couple of years ago. According to Wikipedia, big data can be described by the following characteristics: “Volume –… Read More

The Future of Advertising

In an increasingly mobile world, the landscape of advertising is becoming quite dynamic. With all the smartphone and tablet users out there, advertisements will continue to be more comprehensive to those who are viewing them. Imagine, every time you log on to your mobile device and tap on the internet, your web activity is being… Read More

Get More Facebook Likes with These Easy Tips

You can never have enough Facebook likes, companies small and large alike are constantly trying to find ways to get more likes–increasing the amount of people that see your sites posts in the future. So what are the secrets to getting more likes? Let’s take a look at some simple ways to quickly increase the… Read More

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