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Appealing to the Digitally Social: Facebook

We have created a parallel existence. It sounds crazy, but honestly, think about it. We have an alternate universe of our classical depiction of physical movie theatre, that being the digital progression to viewing services like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and others. We have an alternate universe to our classical definition of shopping, where it used… Read More

Blog Up Your Business or Bog Down Your Web Traffic

The depths of people’s investigative and explorative nature, whether they know it or not, are vastly expansive. Overall intake of information in all ways shapes and forms is comprised of reading dense, voluminous literature ranging from anywhere in the way of technical discourses to informal directional help forums. The already large array of educational material… Read More

Investing In Your Title As ‘Mr. or Ms. Popular’

As you drive down the street, you quickly realize you are approached by enticement efforts upon every single corner you take. The billboard stating the presence of the McDonald’s at the next exit and the next exit after that, the guy doing spiralling helicopter maneuvers with the arrow-shaped sign directed at the adjacent insurance office,… Read More

Being ‘Mr. or Ms. Popular’ in Search Engine Rankings

The digital world has been engulfing our physical lives, what with all of the cool advancements in technology, information, and connectivity. It has become such an integral part of our lives that screen time, or time spent consuming media via smartphones, laptops, televisions, and any form of streaming is now stated to take up approximately… Read More

Getting Left Hanging… That is not Right!

Left hanging. Sorry for the two sad introductory words, but there is a point with which to follow it up. I was left hanging at junior prom. I was left hanging in that group project that nobody showed up to. And I was left hanging when I was the only one sold on dressing up… Read More

Email Marketing: The Great Communicator and Informer

With a push towards in globalization, a lot of adjustments have been made in the way we conduct in basic functions all in an attempt to keep up with the quickened pace that this has generated for us all. In order to maintain any personal or business contact, the key necessity is to find modes… Read More

Buyer and Seller Pushing the Shopping Cart Together

At the core of any business is one joint driving force, to make customers happy and make money all at the same time. This is a common goal held by all businesses and can be seen across larger corporate businesses, single brick and mortar stores, or fully-online operations. For all businesses, it is crucial to… Read More

Websites: Importance of Good Visual Design

Looks aren’t everything….One notion that should never cross your mind in the business with regards to merchandising. Ways in which we portray our businesses are highly considered when one is perusing our inventory. Going to great lengths to make sure all mannequins are dressed to the nines in the best outfits, having a clear departmental… Read More

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