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Chain Reaction: New Buyer to Lifelong, Loyal Customer

Over the past couple weeks now, Grey Suit Retail has been discussing some of the initial considerations or functions to have optimized for the sake of hooking new customers as they swim on by. We began with the notion of mobile web responsiveness to ensure that people on the move are able to do it… Read More

Marketing to the Mobile: Geomarketing and Customer Reviews

Where you are and how you present yourself can have a lot of dictation on the success of a brand. Last week, Grey Suit Retail discussed the importance of m-commerce, mobile e-commerce. Amidst our talk, we dove into reasons to upgrade your mobile responsiveness from how it can be useful no matter where you are… Read More

Why You Must Be Mobile Responsive

To be immobile is to the not progress. To be confined solely to the stationary means to watch the competition sprint ahead. To make moves conceptually does not necessarily indicate movement overall. What does this all figuratively metaphorical existential gobbledygook mean for all the businesses out there? What we’re driving at is that if your… Read More

I’ll Have What the 5 Most Visited Websites are Having!

Although the competitive realm of e-commerce can be most easily gauged by quantifiable sales, other measurable considerations have to be made, for instance, your website visits. More and more brands are improving their online presence as a means to generate greater traffic, hence more business and greater success overall. Certain brands are leading the internet… Read More

Beyond the Realm of SEO: A Blog’s Purpose

Inception 2 begins now…another blog about blogging! In the previous discussion regarding blogging, much backing was given to convey the utility of such a form of digital media. Increased SEO for visitor visibility, link building, keyword recognition, were just some of the examples. This is great, it is all super contributory to the success of… Read More

Supplementing Social Media Strategy with Twitter

Social Media is absolutely changing the scope of e-commerce. To be able to integrate updates on oneself or one’s business into the visible newsfeeds of millions, and more, has altered the digital playing field. However, while many entrust most of their efforts solely into the Facebook social media platform, diversification of an online business strategy… Read More

Appealing to the Major Consumer Types

Grey Suit Retail has said it before and will say it again: No two shoppers are exactly the same. Whether it be the needs of an individual within a market, the market they are in to begin with, or any other factor, everyone is different in their role as a consumer. Even with digital business… Read More

Personal Touch to Digital Business Strategies

A lot of processes involved in our typical, day to day living have experienced a change as of late. The internet, globalization, and general advancements in technology have developed new ways for us to do things that have always been fairly basic to the ways in which we go about life. The ability to design… Read More

You Can’t Spell PPC without 5 W’s and 1 H

Initiating your efforts in the form of a PPC ad can take a lot of consideration. Even with the effectiveness and great success of this means of converting online shoppers into buyers, the need to know the best approach and implementation is still a factor in one’s mind. PPC is not simply throwing your hard… Read More

Search Engine Optimization: OPTIMIZED!

Running a small business takes a lot of coordinating, facilitating, and a strategic approach to cover as much ground as possible, gain popularity, and ultimately win over an ever-increasing clientele base. This juggling act, even from this initial bird’s-eye view, already seems daunting enough. Breaking it down further, however, to the mere online approach of… Read More

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